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The Blog is a place we like to share some of our recent photo sessions, talk about the amazing people we get to work with, and let you in on a little bit of our crazy lives. We are a wife and husband team, who love our job and love working together. That's a photo of us on the right we took during a snow storm in Central Park. Leave it to us to visit New York during one of the worst snow storms in 60 years! Of course it did make for a great photo. We hope you stick around to enjoy some of our work and get to know us. We promise to share some of our crazy adventures. If you feel like it be sure to show us some love by leaving us Blog comments, they always make us feel good. Thank you for visiting! ~Brandy & Justin

Abbi's Senior Photos - Salem Oregon Senior Photographers

We had a great day with Abbi capturing her senior photos.  We had so many great locations to shoot in and as you can tell, Abbi is quite photogenic.  We spent alot of time during her session out in the country side of West Salem as well as a visit to downtown Salem.  It may of been an overly hot and bright day but I think both Abbi and I would agree it was all worth it when you see the results.  Check out the photos for yourself below and be sure to click on the link for a slideshow of her images.

Thank you for spending the day with us for your senior photos, Abbi.  Good luck at South Salem this year!


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Amanda ~ West Albany Senior Photographer

This beautiful young lady, Amanda, is our Senior Rep from West Albany High School. Amanda happens to be part of WAHS's Dance Team, check out her jump. I was definitely impressed. :-) We had a wonderful time and can't wait for her next session!

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The Johnson Family - Lincoln City Oregon Family Photographers

Just a few family photos from their session. It may of been a typical foggy day on the Oregon Coast, but that didn't stop us or this family from having a great session.

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Newborn Photographers ~ McCloud Photography

We took these images almost two months ago but we just realized we hadn't shared them yet. This little guy was way too cute not to share! We just love the newborn sessions and capturing those first few days.

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Senior Model Madi ~ Salem Oregon

Meet Madi, our uber talented senior model from South Salem High School! We are so excited to have Madi as one of our Senior Reps/Models for the Class of 2012. Below are a few photos from Madi's first session. We will be sharing more photos from Madi later this year.

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Baby Simon ~ Corvallis Oregon Newborn Photographers

Sweet, sweet baby boy! Oh how I love the newborn sessions. Just past a week old and perfect. It was a joy to photograph Simon in this first part of his life and get to see his Mom and Dad who's wedding we photographed in 2008. Click here to check out some of their wedding photos.They make a perfect family and it made me smile as I watched the three of them interact. Check out a few of the photos from his session.

Baby Olive ~ Newborn Photographer

More images from Olive's newborn session in our studio just a few weeks ago. She was so good and let us try just about anything without fussing. Isn't she just beautiful?

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A Glimpse at Today ~ Newport Oregon Engagement Photographers

This was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, watching the love between Phil and Rikki. They have been engaged for just a little over a week and they were glowing. Here is just one of the many images from their session today on the beautiful Oregon Coast.

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A Product Showcase ~ Oregon Senior Photographers

This collage just arrived and I thought it would be great to share. This is a collage option we offer for all our photography services. This collage happens to be for Caitlynn, who was our Rep for the Class of 2011. I love how her collage turned out. It allows her and her family to enjoy so many of the images from her two sessions...all in one place. This 24x36 is going to be a beautiful art piece on their wall. We offer collages in a wide variety of sizes and design options.

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Las Vegas and WPPI Recap ~ McCloud Photography

We have been meaning to write a recap of WPPI 2011 but how do you write a recap about such a massive event. In 5 short days, the things we learned and the experiences have brought us to make some great changes to our business. We have started offering some fun new products, made some simple changes to our workflow that have increased our productivity, and changed the way we are doing a few things. We are sure all the changes will have postive results for our clients.

Some of the high lights are always the platform classes. There are always so many great speakers to choose from. So many of their stories are so inspirational. By the time we attended the last class of the week we end up with quite a list of action items to add to our to-do list. Then of course, the trade show floor. Two gigantic rooms full of gear, products, and every photography item imaginable. It really is a large toy store for photographers. However, one of the greatest parts of WPPI is the friendships you can build with other photographers. We had the chance to meet so many great people this year and we are so excited to have new friends. If you are a professional photographer and you have never been to WPPI, we highly recommend you make the investment. It is well worth it for you and your business.

Unfortunately, we were so busy at the convention that we didn't even have time to take photos. So, you have to settle for a boring photo of my WPPI pass. :-)

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Roger & Michelle's Sneak Peek ~ Oregon Wedding Photographer

Roger and Michelle's wedding this past Thursday was beautiful. We wanted to post a sneak peek so they could have something to look at while we sort through the many images.

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Roger and Michelle's Engagement Session ~ Oregon Photographer

Roger and Michelle are getting married today. We realized we hadn't shared any of their engagement photos so what better day then their wedding day. Enjoy these images while they are celebrating their wedding. We will be back with the wedding photos to show soon.

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Newborn Photographer ~ Oregon Salem Monmouth Albany

Just a little peek of when Olive stopped by our studio for her newborn session. She was just over a week old. Oh so huggable, lovable, kissable, which of course is exactly what I had to do while holding her.

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Lincoln City Oregon ~ McCloud Photography

I recently took a few days off to enjoy some time with my mom, something I do way too little of. We took a trip to the Oregon Coast and stayed right along the beach with a beautiful view. One of my favorite memories growing up were my trips to the beach with my mom. Hours talking as we watch the ocean, eating junk food, shopping at the outlet stores, talking some more, staying up way too late, all part of a few wonderful mother-daughter days together. I don't want to let too many days pass before we enjoy time like this again. I am thinking it's something we should do every year but without the repeat of the Tsunami ending our trip.

This photo is a sunset we watched from the balcony of our room.

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Travis and Danae's Engagement Session ~ Corvallis Oregon Photographer

As we said in last nights blog, in true Oregon fashion, it was definitely a wet day! It left us looking for new and unexpected locations. Luckly, Travis and Danae are both OSU alumni so they knew the campus well. They were able to show us some great new spots. We also have to thank them for being willing to try things, even as people had to walk around them as they posed for photos inside. They may of been cold and a little wet but they never let it show. We just know that their wedding is going to be blast to photograph this summer. Travis and Danae, thank you for spending a wintery Oregon day with us.

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