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The Blog is a place we like to share some of our recent photo sessions, talk about the amazing people we get to work with, and let you in on a little bit of our crazy lives. We are a wife and husband team, who love our job and love working together. That's a photo of us on the right we took during a snow storm in Central Park. Leave it to us to visit New York during one of the worst snow storms in 60 years! Of course it did make for a great photo. We hope you stick around to enjoy some of our work and get to know us. We promise to share some of our crazy adventures. If you feel like it be sure to show us some love by leaving us Blog comments, they always make us feel good. Thank you for visiting! ~Brandy & Justin


It’s 4 am and I am wide awake. I have been working on getting up earlier so I guess maybe I’ve hit success but it’s a bit earlier then I had intended. Although it just might give me the chance to get in a blog post I have been meaning to post for the past month.

Some people have informed me they noticed we were absent on the blog starting around the end of November. Life turned crazy for us about that time. It wasn’t that we didn’t have sessions to post or things to say, but we had so many of life’s moment hit us that we were barely able to get out orders, keep up with our clients, and celebrate the holidays. It seems that with the start of the holiday season, the craziness started with not us but for our families. At one point, it seemed over half our family had been hit with something. It was one of those times when Justin and I held each other a little tighter. In the end, most of our family is doing better. They are healthy again and for that we are blessed.

However, we didn’t go without loss. At the start of December, we lost Ruth, a grandmother to Justin and an amazing woman. Ruth was a “say it as it is” type lady who at 88 was always put together perfectly, hair in its place, make-up on, and sharp as a tack. I loved Ruth the second I met her. She made me smile every time I was around her and thinking of her still does. We could chat for hours about anything and everything. She had done more things in her life then I can ever imagine accomplishing! Up until the very end, she still cooked daily meals for Gramps. Not quick throw it together meals but full three course meals. She spoiled him and we are grateful for it. We talk often about her and are reminded daily of her by her kitty (Tiger) who now resides at our house and sleeps with us each night.

With everything that happened in the last several weeks, we were so quickly reminded not to take life for granted and to take time out for the important moments in life. To think we almost missed the last breakfast with Gramps and Ruth because we thought we were too busy but now we are so glad we stopped long enough to enjoy their company.

Life is finally calming down for us and we will be back to blogging and life. With the new year comes many new things for us. One of those will be to enjoy what is around us.

The photo below is just a quick photo my dad snapped for us at Thanksgiving a few years ago. We grabbed Ruth and Gramps for the photo just before they left that day. I love this picture of the four of us.


Lindsey said...

Gamps is so dang cute! Oh, and you guys are too:-)