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The Blog is a place we like to share some of our recent photo sessions, talk about the amazing people we get to work with, and let you in on a little bit of our crazy lives. We are a wife and husband team, who love our job and love working together. That's a photo of us on the right we took during a snow storm in Central Park. Leave it to us to visit New York during one of the worst snow storms in 60 years! Of course it did make for a great photo. We hope you stick around to enjoy some of our work and get to know us. We promise to share some of our crazy adventures. If you feel like it be sure to show us some love by leaving us Blog comments, they always make us feel good. Thank you for visiting! ~Brandy & Justin

Madison at the Oregon State Fair ~ McCloud Photography ~ High School Photographer

We recently had the chance to photograph Madison. She is a beautiful and talented young woman who will be singing at the Oregon State Fair today! She will be on stage in the Artisan's Village from 2:30 to 4:30.

Below is just one of her images from the session. We had a blast and will be sure to share more soon. In the meantime, enjoy the photo and stop on by the fair to hear her sing.

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Stopping for the sunset ~ McCloud Photography

This time of year is so crazy for us. Weddings, seniors, families, the garden and all it produces, keep us moving. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for how busy life gets. Summer is a magical time in Oregon. Amazing weddings are happening everywhere in beautiful places, families get together, a new group of seniors begin to celebrate their last year of high school and all summer you can enjoy the sweet taste of fresh fruit. I really look forward to this time of year, even more I am thankful we get to be a part of so many of these amazing events. But it can be hard to keep up with everything. The first thing to go is time for ourselves and time to enjoy the amazing life around us.

We work hard to remind each other to enjoy the small things. Tonight had me thinking of a Summer night in June when we stopped to enjoy this sunset. I hope everyone has had time to enjoy a few sunsets with the ones they love this summer.

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Oregon Coast Wedding Photographers ~ Chris & Myrta's Wedding ~ McCloud Photography

Here is a quick photo from Chris & Myrta's wedding today. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with an extremely excited couple. More photos and their sweet story to come.

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Moments ~ Oregon Wedding Photographers ~ McCloud Photography

I have been editing away on Scott and Sabrina's wedding from last week. There are just so many images, I can't wait to share from their wedding. This happens to be a moment I captured during the signing of the marriage license. To me, it feels almost like a stolen moment not meant to be viewed. They were unaware of those around them. It is raw and real. I love capturing emotion on the wedding day and there was lots of emotion throughout their day.

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Peaches ~ McCloud Photography

Yesterday, Justin and I picked peaches to can. I think peaches are just so beautiful and taste even better.

I am just imagining all the wonderful things I will make them into throughout the year. Peach jam, peach porkchops, peach cobler, frozen peach smoothies, and as a snack, a bowl of chilled peaches. Yum!

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Oregon Baby & Children's Photographer ~ McCloud Photography

This cute little one visited our studio last night. Eight months old and on the go! This is just a quick image from her session. It was a joy to meet her and see her parents, who's wedding we photographed in 2006.

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Scott & Sabrina ~ Sneak Peek ~ McCloud Photography

Here is a sneak peek of Scott & Sabrina's wedding at Mt. Hood Organic Farm. Can't wait to show more from their wedding.

Scott & Sabrina, congratulations to the two of you. We can't thank you enough for allowing us to be your photographers. It was a true joy.

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Mt. Hood Organic Farm Wedding ~ McCloud Photography

Tomorrow we are going to be at Mt. Hood Organic Farm photographing Scott & Sabrina's wedding. We are excited for their wedding and our first time photographing at the farm. During our site visit, we even spotted our little friend who curiously came out to scout the visitors. Mt. Hood Organic Farm has gorgeous views of Mt. Hood and beautiful surrounding orchards. We are sharing a few photos from our site visit and we will be sharing some of their wedding photos soon.

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Our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary

Four years ago today, we were married. We thought we would share a photo from our wedding. The photo is courtesy of our good friend and photographer, Steve Katin.

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Josh & Bree's Wedding ~ The Evergreen Aviation Museum ~ McCloud Photography

Recently we had the opportunity to photograph Josh and Bree. We did a formal wedding session of them at The Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. They were able to pull some special strings to have their photos done inside the museum. This place was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, due to the museum's regulations, we are unable to show you any of the photos from inside the museum. We did however get to photograph Josh and Bree in a nearby wheat field. We had to atleast share these few images.

Thank you Josh, Bree, family and friends for a wonderful morning session.

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McCloud Photography at Reser Stadium ~ Photos of us!

At the end of Ryan and Susan's wedding this July, Justin and I went to take a few photos around the stadium to add to the story of their day. As we were just about to leave, we grabbed these quick photos of eachother. We thought they might be fun to share.

And, yes this is what we look like after a long hot wonderful wedding, tired & very happy.

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Amery & Kirsten ~ Just got Engaged! ~ McCloud Photography

As we were on the Oregon State football field waiting for Ryan and Susan's arrival, we met two of their wedding guests, Amery and Kirsten. We quickly found out that they had been engaged the week before. Amery proposed at Reser Stadium. He had actually arranged a tour of the stadium all so that he could propose to Kirsten. As you can tell....she said yes!

Having a few moments to spare and hearing their exciting story, we had to get a few photos of this newly engaged couple in the location where they had just recently become engaged. It was wonderful meeting the two of you. Congratulations!!!

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Tom & Sara's Wedding at The Holstein House ~ McCloud Photography

So many wonderful images to choose from for Tom and Sara's wedding has slowed us down on posting these images from their wedding last weekend! But, that is always a good thing. There were so many special moments, so many laughs, and so many tears of joy. It was so wonderful being a part of their day and being able to document these moments. What an honor it is to be wedding photographers. Thank you Tom & Sara for trusting us.

The DJ for Tom and Sara's wedding was Matt Bixby from Matt's Entertainment. He did an absolutely amazing job! Check out the photo of Sara and her Father during the father-daughter dance. The slideshow playing in the background was an emotional addition made possible by Matt. If you're looking for a DJ who is more then a DJ, we highly recommend you contact him. His website is www.matts-entertainment.com

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Tom & Sara's Wedding ~ Sneak Peek ~ McCloud Photography

This is just a quick photo from Tom & Sara's wonderful wedding this past weekend. It was a beautiful wedding and we have so many photos to go through. We promise to show more soon.

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