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The Blog is a place we like to share some of our recent photo sessions, talk about the amazing people we get to work with, and let you in on a little bit of our crazy lives. We are a wife and husband team, who love our job and love working together. That's a photo of us on the right we took during a snow storm in Central Park. Leave it to us to visit New York during one of the worst snow storms in 60 years! Of course it did make for a great photo. We hope you stick around to enjoy some of our work and get to know us. We promise to share some of our crazy adventures. If you feel like it be sure to show us some love by leaving us Blog comments, they always make us feel good. Thank you for visiting! ~Brandy & Justin

The Loss of One of Our Best Friends

Last week we lost our family dog Scruffy. Actually, we lost a family member. He was 17 years old and had been with my family for over 16 years. What a life he lived. When I was still a kid, we rescued him from the pound. I remember as we walked by his cage, he place his chin on the bar and would roll his eyes following us from place to place. His pleading eyes won my mom and I over and home with us he came. Dad had little say but he would shortly become my Dad’s best bud.

To put into words what an amazing dog and how much he meant to us just isn’t possible. He had the kindest heart and a love for everyone. He really never seemed to have any bad behaviors. He rarely made a peep, in fact it was a long time before we knew he could even bark! He absolutely loved human food. Pasta was his declared favorite and in his latter years he mastered batting his eyes at my parents until they would prepare him a bowl of Mac and Cheese.
He also had such a love for children and people that he would often go visiting in the neighborhood. Everyone that met him couldn’t help but love him. Often we would find him playing with their kids in the backyard or even getting an invite inside. I still remember the day that we found him in a maintenance worker’s truck eating lunch with them!

Of course, for us Scruffy, was a part of all of our big moments as well as the small ones. When Justin and I were married, he had to be a part of our day. In fact, he proudly walked me down the isle along with my Dad. One of my favorite photos of our wedding day is what was to be a posed photo of Scruffy and I but instead he snuck in a big kiss. There are just so many memories of Scruffy. It’s hard to imagine life without him but as it sinks in for all of us, we now look back on the memories and our favorite photos of our days with Scruffy. As a family, we are forever thankful for all our days with Scruffy and the life we had with one of our greatest friends.

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