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The Blog is a place we like to share some of our recent photo sessions, talk about the amazing people we get to work with, and let you in on a little bit of our crazy lives. We are a wife and husband team, who love our job and love working together. That's a photo of us on the right we took during a snow storm in Central Park. Leave it to us to visit New York during one of the worst snow storms in 60 years! Of course it did make for a great photo. We hope you stick around to enjoy some of our work and get to know us. We promise to share some of our crazy adventures. If you feel like it be sure to show us some love by leaving us Blog comments, they always make us feel good. Thank you for visiting! ~Brandy & Justin

A Peek at Vanessa's Senior Photos

Vanessa this is just a quick peek at your photos. I haven't even been through them all yet. You look great and that smile is stellar! I know your dying to see them. More to come.

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The Ashby Family at Minto Brown Park - Salem, Oregon ~ McCloud Photography

We photographed the Ashby family a few evenings ago for a sunset session in the park. The lighting, the dogs, and baby Jacob all cooperated with us for their family photos.

Dan and Mindi, wow is Jacob growing up fast. He is so adorable and the cutest baby boy ever. Mindi, you did a great job coordinating your outfits. Justin and I had a wonderful evening with you in the park. I look forward to the next photo session with Jacob!

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The Ralls Family in Newport, Oregon ~ McCloud Photography

We met up with the Ralls family at South Beach State Park in Newport. It was a very windy day on the Oregon Coast but we were able to capture some great family photos despite the blowing sand. Not only did we do the traditional photos, we also had some fun as I think you can tell from the photos. I will now be more prepared the next time I suggest a dog pile.

Jason and Diana, what an adorable family you have. Both of your children were wonderful to photograph. Justin and I had a great time. We hope you enjoy the photos.

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Mike & Barb Porter's 40th Anniversary

We went to the Porter home to capture family photos as an anniversary gift from their children. Mike and Barb’s children and grandchildren were with them to celebrate their anniversary. What a sweet way to spend an anniversary,surrounded by your closest loved ones. Their home provided a perfect location for the family photos.

A big thank you to the Porter’s for letting us photograph your family. Happy 40th Anniversary Mike and Barb, we hope you enjoy many more blessed years.

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